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Adair Evacuation Consultants do more than just assist organisations in meeting their legal and moral obligations. We develop emergency management programs that help provide a safer workplace and protect the business viability. Adair Evacuation Consultants is a team of people with specialist professional backgrounds.

Development of Emergency Procedure Documentation

Professional Rescue and Fire fighting

Health Care Safety

Risk Management

Venue Safety and Management

Electronic and Technical Engineering

Building Surveying and Inspections including Performance-Based Solutions

Adult Education

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About Adair Evacuation Consultants

What Adair Evacuation consultants Cover

In the field of emergency management, fire technology and engineering, we have positioned ourselves to be the best provider of emergency procedure development and training. As such, we will never attempt to compete on price with organisations whose pricing structure is based on low quality performance.

Instead, we focus on providing high quality and cost-effective services and products across the whole spectrum of industry, retailing and commerce. The list of our high-profile clients over long periods attests to this. Adair Evacuation Consultants’ services and products are continually evolving and developing to meet the ongoing needs of our clients, present and future. From high-rise buildings, to schools & educational campuses, to industrial buildings, and everything in between, Adair Evacuation Consultants has you covered!

Adair Management Team

Craig Watkins

General Manager

Craig joined Adair in 2005 after serving in the Australian Defence Force for 10 years in an emergency services paramedical role. Craig served in various roles and positions throughout his Army service, which included several operational or international deployments to East Timor, Malaysia and Iraq as well as serving in most states in Australia.

Craig originally joined Adair as a training consultant and has since expanded his knowledge through extensive in-house training and experience to progress to the position of Senior Consultant, Portfolio Manager and then ultimately assuming the role of General Manager. Craig has brought much operational, training and emergency service experience to the organisation, which has complemented its strong background in Fire Industry Training.

Mike Donegan

Managing Director

Mike Donegan has been involved in the Fire Protection Industry for over 40 years and has worked within the FPAA (Fire Protection Association Australia) for a vast majority of this time, including as a Board Member. 

Mike has built strong relationships with industry experts, government planning committees and local councils around the country. There have been many dynamic changes in the Fire Protection Industry over the years and Mike has ensured he has kept abreast of these issues and how they affect our clients and their needs.

As an experienced and qualified Fire Industry Practitioner, Mike has an excellent appreciation that all Fire Industry Practitioners strive to recommend, install and maintain fire protection for the protection of our community.

The constant change in Standards, Building codes and other legislation, combined with the lack of trained labour, are challenges confronting fire protection professionals and businesses in general. 

Mike’s extensive experience in all aspects of the fire protection industry, makes him well placed to help the community get the benefits that evacuation consulting provides.

Mike holds a Master’s degree in Business Management, Certificate II and Certificate III and other qualifications in Fire Protection, a Certificate IV in Training and is an accredited FPAA – NSW FPAS practitioner.

Brett Roberts

Operations Manager

Brett joined Adair Evacuation Consultants in 2012 and has over 25 years’ experience as a Workplace Trainer and Assessor.

Brett has worked across several industries, including Telecommunications, Finance, Advertising and Print Media with an extensive background in Customer Service and Sales. These roles involved delivering a large variety of training disciplines specific to industry, also including soft skills such as Management Development.

In addition to this Brett has held several Warden roles and has been the Chairman of a Workplace Health and Safety Committee. Brett joined Adair as a Training Consultant and has moved through various roles such as Senior Consultant, Key Account Manager, and most recently Operations Manager. Brett’s background and development within Adair gives him the ability to manage and work across all areas of Adair Evacuation Consultants.

Careers at Adair

Current vacancies at Adair Evacuation Consultants are posted on SEEK … Click here to arrange an interview for a currently advertised position. Should we not have any positions listed you are invited to submit an application to us for our consideration for any future or unpublished vacancies we may have.

Our Quality Assurance

Along with over 30 years of experience we also provide assurance and insurance for our work. Please click the certificates of currency below for our latest insurance certificates. The image below may not reflect current status. Click for the latest version.

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16907469 Adair Evacuation Workers Compensation Victoria WorkCover Insurance Certificate of Currency 29 Jun 2023 to 2024
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