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Changes To The Retirement Villages Act 1999
Retirement Village Evacuation Emergency Management Plan

Retirement villages must have an emergency management plan. They must develop this plan outlining the emergency procedures for the site in line with Australian Standards 3745 – 2010. This plan needs customisation for the specific retired living environment and identify arrangements to assist residents with decreased cognitive ability, vision or mobility impairment.

In NSW, these regulations are authorised through the Retirement Villages Act 1999, as amended. Adair Evacuation Consultants are able to tailor programs to comply with state, territory and Commonwealth legislation throughout Australia.

Reviewing Emergency Plans

The operator must review their emergency plan at least every 12 months.


Village or Retired Living Staff should get adequate training in the emergency procedures. To maintain awareness and ensure training is kept current, operators should consider providing:

Evacuation Exercises

Operators must hold an evacuation exercise for residents at least once each calendar year.

Residents' Participation in Retirement Village Evacuation

The operator should identify residents needing assistance during an emergency Retirement Village Evacuation due to physical or mental impairment. The operator should have this information readily accessible, including in the event that a situation requires fire and rescue services.

Residents Who Need Assistance

Retirement villages are independent living facilities. Consequently, operators have no authority to require residents to participate in annual evacuation exercise. However, operators should seek to actively promote participation as the greater the participation, the greater the  preparation the village will have in an emergency.

Key Safety Information

Retirement village operators must provide all residents with the following key safety information for their residential premises:

This Retirement Village Evacuation information must be clear and easily readable by the majority of residents.

The above information must also be personally tailored for each resident’s circumstances.

It must be on clear display in all the communal areas of the village.


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