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We always love hearing when we’ve hit the mark!

Reviews and feedback, especially the constructive kind, help us spot areas where we can improve. They’re like our secret weapon, making sure our services keep up with the ever-changing safety measures in Evacuation Training. At Adair we are all about offering the best results we possibly can, so we are all ears!


" Townbrook Motels have been using Adair Evacuation Consultants to deliver our fire safety training since 2013. For over 10 years, Adairs’ training is always thorough and relevant , and their trainers are excellent at keeping our staff engaged and interested throughout the session. We have no hesitation in recommending Adairs for your training needs. "
Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback - reviews
Verity Wyld
Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs, Warrnambool, May 2023


Deep Blue Resort


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