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Every year, workplace incidents cost businesses throughout Gosford huge sums of money, sometimes causing them to shut down permanently. It’s essential that your workplace meets Australian safety standards and that you ensure all your employees, contractors and visitors know what action to take during an emergency evacuation. That’s why you need Gosford evacuation training for emergencies.

Adair Evacuation Consultants’ evacuation training provides employees with the skills needed to deal with any type of emergency professionally. They will gain the necessary skills to handle different types of emergencies and ensure safety guidelines are being followed.

We offer comprehensive and affordable in-house and online evacuation training courses to businesses, organisations and facilities in Gosford and throughout New South Wales.

What is the Gosford evacuation training course?

The evacuation training course in Gosford provides employees with the necessary skills to successfully manage the evacuation of staff members or other occupants of a building in the case of an emergency.

After undertaking the evacuation training course, your employees will understand what to do in an emergency situation including knowing the location of emergency equipment, where to find emergency exits, and other evacuation procedures included in the Gosford evacuation training course.

During Adair Evacuation Consultants’ evacuation training in Gosford, your employees will learn to:

  • Put in place an actionable evacuation plan
  • Identify threats and hazards in which evacuation procedures would be necessary
  • Understand how to enforce an evacuation plan
  • Prepare communication procedures
  • Outline evacuation procedures
  • Locate common emergency equipment
  • Assign emergency assembly points
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to individuals to be carried out during an emergency evacuation

On completion of the Gosford evacuation training course

Adair Evacuation Consultants’ evacuation course ensures that participants learn using real-life experiences, so in the event of an emergency, their responses will be second nature. Part of the criteria includes learning how safety resources should be utilised and who is assigned each role during the evacuation procedure.

On completion of the evacuation course, employees will have gained the knowledge and skills required to effectively respond in any emergency situation with our extensive safety training.

We are one of the leading safety consultants in Gosford

Be prepared in the event of an emergency and learn the correct procedures to ensure your team’s safety with evacuation training in Gosford.

Adair Evacuation Consultants’ is a specialist provider of evacuation training in Gosford. Our dedication and commitment to providing the best service possible are what makes us one of the leading companies for people wanting to undertake evacuation training in Gosford.

Each of our courses is led by a team of long-standing industry experts to ensure your employees are fully trained to the highest standards and only offer the best safety solutions that allow your team to react to workplace hazards.

Book Gosford evacuation training with Adair Evacuation Consultants

We understand the responsibility that health and safety compliance places on businesses in Gosford.  Our dedicated team of safety experts will help ensure you meet all the mandatory legal safety requirements and have the correct evacuation processes in place to comply with Australian Standards.

We can tailor our evacuation training to the specific needs and requirements of your businesses to make the training more relevant to your workplace and team. As a result of our Gosford evacuation training, you will see many additional benefits including safer working practices, increased teamwork and an enhanced workplace safety environment.

Contact Adair Evacuation Consultants for emergency evacuation training in Gosford by calling 1300 213 000, emailing us at or filling in our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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