Evacuation Training in The Upper Hunter Region

An effective, properly evacuation plan will help protect your business in any emergency, whether that’s a fire, natural disaster or medical crisis.

In emergency situations, your employees are likely to become confused and unable to think clearly but, by providing your team members with the professional evacuation training, they will be able to vacate the work premises promptly no matter how serious the incident is.

By using Adair Evacuation Consultants’ emergency evacuation training in the Upper Hunter you can ensure that your business and employees remain safe in any emergency situation that might occur.

Take a Proactive Approach to Emergency Evacuation Plans

From fires and chemical spills to needing to take shelter from a natural disaster, emergency evacuation training can make all the difference between protecting your employees and property or a potentially tragic outcome.

Preparing your employees for any emergency evacuation by calling in a qualified evacuation consultant (such as Adair Evacuation Consultants) and scheduling regular Upper Hunter evacuation training sessions is important to maintain the safety of all employees in the workplace. Whether you want to train your team for emergencies or update an existing evacuation plan, it’s essential that your employees know how they should respond to specific emergencies.

What are the Business Benefits of Evacuation Training?

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all employees are sufficiently trained on what to do during an emergency evacuation. This includes training new staff when they join your team and existing team members who need to undergo refresher evacuation training.

Regular evacuation training will minimise misunderstandings and panic by reminding employees of the evacuation plan and emergency procedures because, in the event of an emergency, a safe evacuation is more likely when employees remain calm and follow their emergency evacuation training.

The following are workplace emergencies where you may need to evacuate the premises:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Electrical danger
  • Gas leak
  • Chemical Spill
  • Bomb threat
  • Explosion

What Does an Upper Hunter Evacuation Training Course Involve?

Adair Evacuation Consultants’ evacuation training course is designed to train employees in workplace safety and how to respond to different emergency situations.

During our Upper Hunter evacuation training, your employees will be made aware of the evacuation procedures on the premises, shown escape routes and alternative emergency exits and also be made aware of fire doors and other emergency equipment that could be used during a crisis.

We are experts when it comes to safety in the workplace and are committed to sharing our specialist knowledge with businesses needing evacuation training in Upper Hunter. Our consultants will prepare your employees for any type of situation that would require an evacuation including:

  • Assigning individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Identifying threats and hazards.
  • Preparing communication procedures.
  • Outlining evacuation procedures.
  • Locating common emergency equipment.
  • Assigning emergency assembly points.

Book Evacuation Training in Upper Hunter with Adair Evacuation Consultants

Adair Evacuation Consultants has the knowledge and experience to assist your business in complying with all legal requirements surrounding emergency evacuation training under Australian Standards; we take great pride in our ability to deliver cost-effective and reliable workplace emergency evacuation training in Upper Hunter.

Whether your business is looking to develop an emergency safety procedure or looking to improve upon your existing emergency evacuation plan, our consultants can train your employees and build an evacuation plan that protects your staff and property.

Contact Adair Evacuation Consultants for emergency evacuation training in Upper Hunter by calling 1300 213 000, emailing us at or filling in our online contact form and one of our team members will be in touch with you soon.

Evacuation Training in The Upper Hunter Region
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