Preparing People For Emergencies

Adair Evacuation Training

Our trainers prepare your people for emergencies, traveling to your site (or using our purpose-built training facilities) we can provide evacuation training and warden training, compliant to current Australian Standards, ensuring that your people are best prepared for any emergency.

Staff Training

Wardens are trained regularly; however general staff will benefit from an understanding of Wardens roles and responsibilities. Adair can provide a variation of the Warden training detailing an overview of the Warden roles, and staff responses to emergencies. The Adair team comprise specialist professionals and can consult in all areas of emergency management in your site. Including: Site inspection and advice on requirements of the site; Recommendations on evacuation routes and processes; Equipment requirements; Tasks and responsibilities for stakeholders; Requirements for compliance.

Online Training

Understanding your specific needs. The Adair team can develop online training focused on Wardens or for general staff. This will allow training to take place at the Warden or Staff Member’s convenience at their location of choice. Online training for Wardens will detail all information supplied in Face-to-Face sessions specific to the site. Staff training will include site specific details with an overview of the Warden roles.

Workplace Fires Training

Adair provide First Attack Firefighting training covering safe operation of fire extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Blankets. Training consists of both theory and practical exercises in operation of a Fire Extinguisher. There are several options, from basic training to training with live fire, and laser units to replicate a real fire.

Health/Child Care

Healthcare sites require specialised training with compliance requiring all staff to attend training. The Adair Team provide specific Healthcare training compromising an overview of emergency responses and first attack firefighting. Site specifics such as Fire Compartmentalisation will also be identified and explained.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants


Interactive – Engage in an environment with a realistic evacuation scenario. Our innovative VR Training offers a new dimension to train your emergency procedures organisation.

– Fast Learning
– Score and Time
– Team Event

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants


Convenient and realistic application for all locations. We use a state-of-the-art laser training system where a client’s site or classroom situation precludes real fire extinguishers and live fire. The system uses a conical laser to replicate extinguisher discharge of all types of extinguisher. The system can Simulate class A, B and C fires at four difficulty levels, grade trainees and monitor their improvements in technique.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants


Our onsite training courses introduce the participant to the various portable firefighting equipment that can be found in the workplace and practical experience of the workings and effective use of the equipment.

Training Courses

Our current emergency courses that can be conducted at your site or our at Rydalmere training facility by our expert instructors.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Human Behaviour in Emergencies

This course looks at the differences in human behaviour and reactions to emergency situations and how to best identify, anticipate and deal with them.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Security awareness and armed hold-up

This course deals with security awareness in the event of armed robberies. Areas covered include minimising the risk, dealing with aggression and procedures.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants


Understand the types of potential Emergencies in your workplace, Priorities during an emergency, Identify equipment that may assist you, Understand people’s reactions in an emergency, Duties of all members (Wardens) of the ECO.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Spillage Control and Containment

Identify, assess, and manage small spills, containment and clean-up procedures, spills control, containment, cleanup recover and dispose contaminated materials.

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Chief Warden Training

Legal and moral obligations of employees and employers in an emergency, emergency priorities, command, control, co-ordination, emergency management strategies, Role of responding emergency services

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Possible Emergency Responses Security is everyone’s responsibility Greeting Strangers, Dealing With Aggressive Behavior, Actions taken in Bomb Incidents

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PEEPs & Difficulties During EvacuationS

What a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is and why they are used, Identify who requires a PEEP, who develops a PEEP and the PEEP process

Evacuation Webinar Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Bomb Awareness and Response

This course covers identifying the appropriate response to suspicious items and threats. How to minimise risks in the workplace and dealing with received threats and evacuation procedures.

Evacuation & Warden Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Workplace Fires 

Elements of the Fire Triangle How Fire Spreads Methods of Extinguishment Classes of Fire, Extinguisher Color Coding, Correct Use of Portable Fire Equipment

Evacuation & Warden Training - Adair Evacuation Consultants

Healthcare Warden

Fire and Evacuation Awareness – Healthcare sessions are designed for all general staff of a facility to provide an overview of the types of emergencies that may occur