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Safety First with Evacuation Training Sydney

Having a set of procedures, policies and a detailed evacuation plan in place are essential for preventing injuries and miscommunication during an emergency. As a business owner, it is imperative to be prepared for the unexpected.

Workplace fires, equipment malfunctions, spillages and breaches of security can happen at any time. However, with the right training, preparation and evacuation plan, you’LL ready for any unsafe situation that comes your way.

Adair Evacuation Consultants provides high-quality and cost-effective Sydney evacuation training for a wide range of industry, retail and commerce businesses, from commercial outlets and industrial buildings to educational facilities and everything in between.

Business Evacuation Training Sydney

Adair Evacuation Consultants assist companies with evacuation plan training in Sydney. Our evacuation training consultants can either travel to your site or use our purpose-built training facilities. We promote the development of quick judgement and decision-making during an evacuation by extensive training and procedures. These are compliant with current Australian Standards so your team will get sufficient preparation for any emergency.

What Does a Sydney Evacuation Training Course Involve?

Adair Evacuation Consultants will prepare an action plan for an evacuation of your business in the eventuality of an incident in your business. This is accomplished through scenario-based training that provides realistic situations in which an evacuation of your premises would be necessary.

During the evacuation training, we will review protective actions for workplace safety and conduct training for evacuation drills as required by Australian Standards. During Adair Evacuation Consultants’ evacuation training in Sydney, your employees will learn to:

  • Put in place an actionable evacuation plan.
  • Identify emergency situations in which evacuation procedures would be necessary.
  • Understand how to make an emergency action plan and how to enforce it.
  • Assign roles to specific team members for execution in an emergency evacuation.

What Are the Business Benefits of Evacuation Training?

As you already know, employees are the single most valuable element of every business and their safety is your business’ first priority. Employees who get coaching in evacuation training in Sydney learn critical skills such as:

  • decision-making,
  • contingency plans
  • and an organised step-by-step plan to deal with unexpected or emergency events that would require an evacuation.

Evacuation training is necessary to ensure that all staff members know what to do when there is an emergency on the business premises. Staff members need training to learn actionable tasks needed for the safety of themselves and others.

Workplace teams need trainintg so they are familiar with their duties and responsibilities as outlined within the evacuation training plan. Our consultants will also ensure that certain team members, such as managers and supervisors, receive a higher level of designated responsibilities so they can lead their team during an evacuation.

Book Evacuation Training Sydney With Adair Evacuation Consultants

Based in New South Wales with offices in Sydney and Tuggerah on the Central Coast, Adair Safety Consultants is a professional health and safety consultancy agency offering tailored evacuation training in Sydney.

Our team of highly qualified safety consultants commit themselves to understanding your needs and developing practical solutions for your safety requirements. We offer our clients a professional and reliable evacuation training service in Sydney. We aim to establish great working relationships with all of our clients whilst working across a wide range of industries and organisation sizes.

All of our training is compliant with Australian Standards.

For further information, please contact us by calling 1300 213 000, email us at or fill in our online contact form. One of our team members will be in touch with you at the earliest possible moment.

Business Evacuation Training Sydney
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