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Ensure the safety of your Newcastle business’s most important asset with Adair Evacuation Training

Adair Evacuation Consultants is the leading provider of emergency procedure consultancy services. We commit ourselves to providing Newcastle businesses with professional, cost-effective evacuation planning and training services to the whole spectrum of businesses, across all retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

Newcastle is  the second largest city in NSW, located in close proximity to our state’s capital. It is a regional hub that is home to a great number of businesses and organisations, from sole traders to large industrial companies and government agencies. One thing these organisations all have in common is the need for effective safety planning and evacuation procedures. However, there’s no point in having comprehensive evacuation plans and procedures if no-one in your organisation or business knows where or what those procedures are, should the need for an emergency evacuation arise.

Adair Evacuation Consultants aim to offer our Newcastle clients expert advice and assistance with all aspects of emergency management planning. From customised emergency procedure manuals, and high-quality evacuation diagrams that are all specifically designed for your site and your staff, to the provision of training to your staff on safety and evacuation procedures and how to use your site’s safety and evacuation systems and equipment, Adair Evacuation Consultants is the trusted name for evacuation training services in Newcastle.

How our Newcastle Evacuation Training services can help you and your business prepare for emergencies

As a Newcastle business owner, it’s vital to have clear and thorough emergency management plans and procedures in place. Also, you must ensure your staff are familiar with them, in order to protect your assets and the viability of your business. In the event of an emergency, you have a much better chance of minimising any physical and financial damage to your business when everyone knows exactly what to do.

As an employer keep in mind the following points:

  1. you’re responsible for providing a safe workplace.
  2. So, it is imperative that your staff know which procedures to follow,
  3. they most know where safety equipment is located,
  4. and they need to know where your evacuation muster point is.
  5. you must schedule regular evacuation training to prepare your staff for an emergency situation,
  6. This results in them knowing what needs to happen and when,
  7. Thus they are more likely to remain calm and conduct a safe and orderly evacuation.

Adair Evacuation Consultants’ experienced team offers cost-effective evacuation planning and training services across the Newcastle and Hunter regions. We work with our Newcastle clients to develop a safe and efficient evacuation plan and deliver regular evacuation training that perfectly matches their unique business and site-specific needs.

Newcastle Evacuation Training services offered by Adair Evacuation Consultants

Adair Evacuation Consultants’ team of Newcastle consultants are specialists in emergency procedure development and training. We are specialists in delivering unparalleled emergency management and evacuation planning and training services to all Newcastle businesses, to help them provide a safer workplace and protect their assets and their staff in the event of an emergency.

If your Newcastle business needs assistance in delivering emergency or evacuation training to your staff and safety wardens, Adair Evacuation Consultants has your Newcastle evacuation training needs covered. For more information call our friendly team today on 1300 213 000 or fill out our contact form to have an Adair Evacuation Consultants representative contact you.

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