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Beresfield – a north-western suburb of the City of Newcastle LGA, located 22km from Newcastle’s CBD – sits on the border between the burgeoning city of Newcastle and the vibrant regional hub of Maitland. Located approximately 10km from Maitland’s city centre, Beresfield is surrounded by the older, established suburbs of Thornton, Tarro (originally Upper Hexham), and Hexham, and lies immediately adjacent to the predominantly rural suburb of Woodberry. The suburb once contained a colliery, and remains a popular home for those employed in the mining industry for which Newcastle and the Hunter Valley are internationally renowned.

The suburb of Beresfield is bisected by the New England Highway, with the north-eastern half being predominantly residential and the south-western half devoted to an ever-expanding business park. Located at the junction of the New England Highway, Maitland Road (which forms part of the Pacific Highway), John Renshaw Drive and the Pacific Motorway (M1), Beresfield’s industrial centre is becoming an increasingly popular area for businesses due to its ease of access to the surrounding arterial roads, highways, and motorway.

Beresfield is home to a huge variety of industries and businesses, from small sole traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers to primary producers and heavy industry. While there is a wide variety of business operations co-located in Beresfield’s many business parks, all of them share the need for high-quality, cost-effective evacuation planning and procedures, and thorough, regular evacuation training for employees.

Adair Evacuation Training can help you make sure that your staff knows what to do in an emergency and evacuation.

How our Beresfield Evacuation Training services can help protect your business and your staff

Employers are legally required to provide a safe workplace, so it is vital for all Beresfield businesses to have clear and comprehensive emergency management plans and evacuation procedures in place. It is also imperative that your employees are familiar with these plans, have received training in emergency and evacuation procedures, know where your designated evacuation muster point is, and know how to use your safety equipment and evacuation system.

Regular evacuation training helps to ensure your evacuation is well-organised and your employees are prepared, remaining calm an emergency. A well-planned evacuation is more likely to be conducted in a safe and orderly manner, helping employers to protect their employees and minimise any potential financial and physical damage to the business.

The experienced team at Adair Evacuation Consultants provide cost-effective evacuation training services throughout the Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter Valley regions. We work with our clients to develop thorough, easy-to-understand emergency management plans and efficient evacuation procedures, and we provide effective evacuation training tailored to each client’s individual business and site-specific needs.

Beresfield Evacuation Training services from Adair Evacuation Consultants – Newcastle and Maitland’s leading evacuation training provider

Adair Evacuation Consultants is the leading provider of emergency procedure consultancy services to Beresfield businesses, across all sectors, specialising in developing and delivering evacuation planning and training services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Whether you need high-quality, customised emergency procedure manuals and evacuation diagrams, or help with training your employees in evacuation procedures or how to use your site’s safety equipment and evacuation systems, Adair Evacuation Consultants is the trusted name for evacuation training services in the Hunter Valley.

For more information on how Adair Evacuation Consultants can assist with your emergency planning and evacuation training needs, call our friendly team today on 1300 213 000 or fill out our contact form to have an Adair Evacuation Consultants representative contact you.


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