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Evacuation Training and Drills

Online learning for all of your staff

Below, you will find a list of the courses we have to offer. Our standard "Emergency Procedure Staff Awareness" course covers Emergency basics and is suitable for everyone, while the Basic Warden Training series is designed primarily for members of your Emergency Planning Committee or Control Organisation. 

These courses have been designed to complement the regular on-site training which is provided by our consultants. 

Once enrolled, you can access your courses online at any time to refresh your knowledge. 

Standard Courses

  • About SMART E-learning
  • Emergency Procedure Staff Awareness
Basic Warden Training

  • Component 1 - Emergency Procedures & Post Emergency Responsibilities
  • Component 2 - Human Behaviour
  • Component 3 - Structure and Responsibilities of the EPC and ECO
  • Component 4 - Emergency Equipment
  • Component 5 - Difficulties During Evacuation

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